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KSL Connect, The All-in-One Call Centre Suite

The Only Call Centre Software you need

Our Story?

We have run call centres and managed people. We know how hard it is to keep a call centre running. When we managed call centres we got frustrated with the technology and suppliers available. We have worked with many diallers, hosting companies and carriers. But we could not find exactly what we wanted. So we decided to build our own.
Giving our clients services, features and training that we think are basic but nobody else offers. Since starting in 2012 we have grown and now wrapped up all of these services into KSL Connect, The All-in-One call centre suite.

KSL Connect is like having your own team of call centre ninjas to do all the work for you.

Powering conversations for the UK’s top call centres

What makes us different?

We like to get to know our customers, understanding what they are they trying to achieve with the dialler.  We can then help them, looking at how the dialler works on a daily basis making sure that the agents are doing the right thing. Most other dialler companies just give you a dialler and walk away.
We are not just interested in making a sale and moving on, we get to know our customers properly. We do not just have experience of how the dialler works. We have the experience of actually running diallers in the wild.
Other companies will look at the issues you are having and say that it is not down to them, “that is not a dialler problem” or “that is a data issue, not a dialler issue”.
The difference with us, we don’t just leave you. We are there every day at any time to help you. Some of our customers will send us emails at midnight asking for help.
Working with us, you are much closer to the people that have worked with Vici dial in the wild. Unlike other companies you do not have to go through 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support to get any help.
Other providers are slow to respond and like to charge you for additional features, integration and support that we think are the basics and should be included within a fixed monthly cost.
We know 20 mins down time is not just 20 mins downtime. It is 20 mins x 30 agents… that is 600 mins downtime. We know what it is like feeling the pain when the data does not seem to be working. And it is knowing when there is an issue, and how to get it resolved quickly.
We are different because we know what it is that makes a call centre tick. Who are the key players in the call centre and understanding how those key players work? It is knowing when targets are tight… What can we do to help improve it and hit those targets?

Technology that takes you beyond a contact centre